The 20,000-strong online discussion board, Dubstep Forum, has announced that it’s closing indefinitely. Over its three-year run, the site, founded by European producer Dubway, has become a major information portal for dubstep artists, producers, DJs, radio shows, and intensive, multi-user discussions. A bulletin posted on Dubstep Forum’s homepage on October 6 announced the site’s third birthday, to be commemorated with a free DJ mix by site moderator BunZer0, and concluded with the cryptic message: “And oh yes, we’re also closing the forum. Indefinitely.”

A Wikipedia entry on dubstep cites Dubstep Forum as a major contributor to the growth of the genre between 2005 and 2008. Other similar dubstep user forums exist, including Groundscore and Get Darker, but Dubstep Forum has occupied a central place in the development and discussion of the music.

The post also announced the canceling of this year’s Dubstep Forum awards ceremony, which will be replaced by a third birthday party on November 14, at a venue to be announced.

The site’s announcement cannot be independently verified at this time, and is therefore unsubstantiated until more information is available. In an age of fake artist “retirements” and rampant internet rumors, it remains to be seen if Dubstep Forum is gone for good, or to be reincarnated elsewhere in the future.

Third Birthday Mix
01 16bit “Lazy Town”
02 The Widdler “PositiveVibes”
03 Phaeleh “Cheki Deep”
04 Fused Forces “For The Biters”
05 XI “Light FM”
06 J.Sparrow “Sniven”
07 Hyetal and Sines “Secrets”
08 Jus Wan “Twilight”
09 Myrkur “Skttrbrain”
10 Simon/off “That Night”
11 Janner “Synthetik”
12 Not In My Name “Blunted”
13 DFRNT “Aftermath”
14 k3bee “Dark Whisper”
15 Fiberous Oxide “Return To The Sea”
16 Low Density Matter “Transparency”
17 3rd Eye “Irish Wind”
18 Izc “Arcticdawn”
19 Superisk “Eve Takada (Wascal Mix)”
20 Marlinspike “Bongo Rocka”
21 Threnody “No Imagination”
22 Saviour “Squarefootage VIP”
23 HxdB and Cure “Spill The Beans”
24 Reflux “Who Built The Lion”
25 Hd4000 “Fake Rekkid”
26 Blackmass Plastics “Time To Quit”
27 Loetech “Liters (12th Planet Rmx)”
28 Kion “Room Modes”
29 Pure Phase “Napoleonic Complex”
30 Vibezin “Touch And Go”