The year was 1992, and Enta Da Stage (Nervous Records) by Black Moon, was the album rocking real hip-hop fan’s domes. Different from the often-cartoonish gangster rappers of the time, Buckshot and crew brought high-def resolution to “reality rap” on tracks like ”Who Got The Props” and “How Many Emcees (Must Get Dissed).”

It wasn’t long before Buckshot and affiliate Dru Ha would create a tight-knit crew–the Boot Camp Clik–that included Heltah Skeltah, Smif N Wessun (later renamed Cocoa Brovaz), and Originoo Gun Clappaz. In 1995 the Clik encompassed both a label and marketing company called Duck Down Entertainment.

Headed by Buckshot and Dru Ha, Duck Down has put out albums and compilations by various Boot Camp Clik members, (distributed by Priority Records 1995-2000). From 2002 through April of 2005, Duck Down Records had an exclusive distribution deal with Koch Entertainment, the world’s largest distributor for independent music, before bouncing to Navarre Distribution, and then recently back to Koch.

Following the success in 2007 of Sean Price’s Jesus Price Superstar album, Duck Down is looking to expand its release schedule. Over the next few months, the imprint will release a host of new projects, including Sean Price’s Master P mixtape, Steele’s (of Smif N Wesson) Hotstyle Takeover mixtape, and Boot Camp Clik’s Casualties Of War, which will be released on August 14 (Casualties Of War is not the latest “official” Boot Camp Clik LP, but a collection of tracks recorded for The Last Stand and various Boot Camp Click members’ solo projects that were not previously released).

While Heltah Skeltah continues to work on its forthcoming LP (and rumors swirl about Sean Price being courted by major labels) Price will begin working on his next solo LP, Mic Tyson. Slated to arrive in the fall of 2007 are LPs from Smif N Wesson, a still untitled collaborative LP from Sean Price, Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson (that all three members are currently finishing in Detroit), and the highly-anticipated Buckshot and 9th Wonder sequel, The Formula (their official follow-up to the album Chemistry).