UK bass specialists Dusk & Blackdown haven’t only been working on a record that may or may not be a Burial collaboration as of late, the Keysound bosses have also been quietly crafting their latest LP, Dasaflex. The 12-track record arrives about four years after the duo’s first full-length on September 17 via the aforementioned label. Speaking on how their forthcoming release came about, Dusk & Blackdown have said, “In the period after making our debut album, Margins Music, we swore we wouldn’t, couldn’t do it again… But then the sands began to change around us, and sifting through a sea of beats for our Rinse FM show, we began to be re-inspired in many different ways. Four years and hundreds of thousands of possibilities later, Dasaflex is where we’re at.” Along with this announcement comes a video for the album’s title track, which you can watch below, where you’ll also find the artwork and tracklist for Dasaflex.

1. Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak) ft Farrah
2. High Road
3. We Ain’t Beggin’
4. Apoptosis
5. Wicked Vibez ft GQ
6. Dasaflex
7. Next Generation ft Shantie
8. R in Zero G
9. Hypergrime
10. Don’t Stop (Give It To Me)
11. DeFocused
12. Fraction