London duo Dusk + Blackdown have revealed plans to return to their own Keysound label with a new EP next month. Entitled Back 2 Go FWD>>, the record will serve as the pair’s first official release since 2012’s Dasaflex LP will offer three new Dusk + Blackdown productions, along with a new solo workout from Blackdown. In addition, a Blackdown remix of Epoch’s “The Steppenwolf” will be included on the record, while Horsepower has been brought in to remix “Wicked Vibez” (a track which originally appeared on Dasaflex) and Facta has been enlisted to take on “Drenched,” a cut pulled from Dusk + Blackdown’s first Keysound 12″.

“For a while there, Dusk and I felt pretty musically isolated—trying to find this dark rolling path out of the trajectory of UK funky,” Blackdown explains in a press release, adding “The Back 2 Go FWD>> EP is our contribution back to the underground unity, vision, and creativity we’ve found ourselves surrounded by in the last two years or so.” Dusk + Blackdown’s latest effort is slated to land on October 20; in the meantime, its artwork and tracklist have been included below.

A1 Dusk + Blackdown “Back 2 Go FWD>>”
A2 Blackdown “Timeless”
B1 Dusk + Blackdown “Peng One Two”
B2 Dusk + Blackdown “Epic Jam”
C1 Dusk + Blackdown “Back 2 Go FWD>> (Sweet 2 Go Sour mix)”
C2 Epoch “The Steppenwolf (Blackdown Remix)”
D1 Blackdown “Wicked Vibez (Horsepower O-G Remix)”
D2 Dusk + Blackdown “Drenched (Facta Remix)”