UK house duo Dusky recently announced a cluster of news updates including the forthcoming inauguration of its 17 Steps imprint, that will coincide with the release of its upcoming Love Taking Over EP next month. Now, the London-based pair has shared a full stream of the nostalgic, techno-leaning track “Love Taking Over,” its elastic beat and soulful echoing vocals offering a solid glimpse of the new EP, which is scheduled for release on July 14.

In addition, a second wave of international Dusky tour dates has arrived. Kicking off in the UK in September, the pair will circle through Germany and the US in October, dip down to New Zealand and Australia through November, and finish off with a few stops in western Europe, before eventually making it back to the UK before the year is through. The complete list of Dusky’s autumn and winter tour dates can be found below, where the player for “Love Taking Over” has also been included.

September 25 Birmingham, UK
September 26 Brighton, UK
September 27 Berlin, Germany
September 29 Edinburgh, UK
October 03 Dublin, Ireland
October 04 London, UK
October 10 Cologne, Germany
October 11 Munich, Germany
October 17 Brussels, Belgium
October 18 Liverpool, UK
October 23 Miami, USA
October 24 New York, USA
October 25 Chicago, USA
October 31 San Francisco, USA
November 05 Christchurch, New Zealand
November 06 Auckland, New Zealand
November 07 Brisbane, Australia
November 08 Sydney, Australia
November 08 Canberra, Australia
November 09 Tasmania, Australia
November 13 Adelaide, Australia
November 14 Perth, Australia
November 15 Wollongong, Australia
November 16 Melbourne, Australia
November 21 Leeds, UK
November 22 Barcelona, Spain
November 28 Toulouse, France
November 29 Paris, France
December 05 Glasgow, UK
December 06 Manchester, UK