Brooklyn’s premiere hub for globally minded dance tunes and other electronic sounds, Dutty Artz, is set to release a brand-new compilation of international DJs and producers, entitled New York Tropical. The 12-song release is made up primarily of exclusive tracks from the likes of DJ Orion, Maga Bo, Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, Rita Indiana, and Dutty Artz bosses DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek (both pictured above), among others, and comes with an array of animated album covers created by U Mean Computer. The NY label will make Tropical available for download on November 9, but it’s preceded by a release of the compilation in ringtone format. If you head over here, you can download Tropical‘s 12 tracks for use on your iPhone (the label seems unsure if it will work on any other smart phones). You can also check out the full tracklist and a selection of the artwork below.

1. Knight Magic – El Baile de la Cumbia
2. Rita Indiana – Los Poderes (Kingdom Remix)
3. Matt Shadetek & Lamin Fofana – Sunshine City
4. La Ola Criminal – Sin Gas
5. Maga Bo – Analys D’Amour (Instrumental)
6. DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek – Sunset B35
7. DJ Orion – The Undertow (Instrumental)
8. KG – I’m Feeling Funky
9. Nguzunguzu – El Bebe Ambiente (New Mix and Master)
10. DJ /rupture, Matt Shadetek, & Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach (Rupture Mix)
11. Lido Pimienta – La Minga (Sonora Remix)
12. Matt Shadetek – This Is Love