DVS1 (a.k.a Zak Khutoretsky) has mixed fabric 96.

fabric 96 consists almost entirely of unreleased material, mixed live in one take on three decks and a Zone 92. There are no less than 16 forthcoming tracks from HUSH and Mistress, all of which are due for release next year, including fresh entries from Steffi, Oscar Mulero, Steve Bicknell, Mark Broom, and ROD, and new tracks by Lando and Kirill Mamin due on Mistress Recordings. New works by Planetary Assault Systems, Truncate, Henning Baer, Psyk, and Sirko Müller also feature.

“This mix CD concept was much more difficult to put together than I had imagined. As I don’t do mixes and haven’t released any mixes in over four years, I kept going back and forth in my mind leading up to selecting music about what style and vibe to present confined to the length a CD allows. Most people know me for techno, but I love such a broad range of music and had to find a way to limit myself to have a focus. In the end, I decided on a snapshot of a more straightforward focused mix…Created from asking friends and colleagues, known and unknown to send me unreleased music. I gathered what I was sent and tried to extract the parts and pieces and a few released tracks that stood out in my current mindset. This mix is a moment in time captured.”DVS1

The 29-track release follows on from Roman Flügel’s contribution, which lands this week.


01. Unknown Artist “For All Mankind”
02. Gabriella Vergilov “Boring Shit” [Thema]
03. Kirill Mamin “Silent Prayer” [Mistress]
04. Border One “Curve” [HUSH]
05. Doubt “Just Pain” [HUSH]
06. DJ Surgeles “Witness New Species” (No Vox Mix) [HUSH]
07. Mike Storm “From The Human Eye To Earth” [HUSH]
08. Sirko Müller “Our Blood” [Tokomak]
09. Steffi “1E-4” [HUSH]
10. Psyk “Falling” [Unreleased]
11. Neel “The Vancori Complex” [Spazio Disponibile]
12. Planetary Assault Systems “Fathoms Deep” [Mote-Evolver]
13. Oscar Mulero “Drops” [HUSH]
14. Jeff Mills “Fly Guy” [Purpose Maker]
15. Maan – “Vert” [HUSH]
16. Steve Bicknell “space 13” [HUSH]
17. Dustin Zahn “Politics Of Seduction” [HUSH]
18. Mike Gervais “Set Me Free” [Enemy]
19. Adriana Lopez “Last Path” [HUSH]
20. Truncate “Pseudo V2” [Unreleased]
21. ROD “Duchi Kaal” [HUSH]
22. Kirill Mamin “Dunning-Kruger Effect” [Mistress]
23. Mark Broom “Drum Jamz 2” [HUSH]
24. Henning Baer “Code Buster” [Manhigh]
25. Lando “Ceremony” [Mistress]
26. Strain “Theory” [HUSH]
27. d-56m “Question Authority” [Poverty Is Violence]
28. Anthony Rother “Technic Electric” [Psi49Net ]
29. Jeff Mills “The Dancer” [Purpose Maker]

fabric 96: DVS1 will be released on December 2.