Zak Khutoretsky (a.k.a. DVS1) is the subject of the latest installment in Resident Advisor‘s Origins documentary series (an effort done in partnership with Sonos). Over the course of the 30-minute film, Khutoretsky discusses his early upbringing; the son of Russian immigrants (who split up shortly after landing in Minneapolis), Khutoretsky spent much of his adolescence in and out of trouble, constantly switching schools, and eventually being arrested for some of his activities. Meanwhile, Khutoretsky had begun to steadily increasing his musical efforts, first throwing illegal parties and raves, before eventually moving on to more legitimate efforts and—for a short time—owning a club of his own in Minneapolis.

Containing a number of entertaining, unbelievable, and ultimately inspiring stories from the American artist’s early days as a DJ and promoter, RA’s Origins profile of DVS1 (who also supplied the first essay in our Real Talk series late last year) can be watched in full below.