DVS1’s Mistress Recordings will release two new 12″s, MISTRESS 11 and MISTRESS 11.5, by Russian producer Kirill Mamin, real name Kirill Burnyashev. 

Influenced by Mika Vainio, Terrence Dixon, and Shinichi Atobe, we’re told that the four-trackers elaborate on Mamin’s bias for minimal arrangements and distinct aesthetics ranging from moody mid-tempo grooves to hypnotic dancefloor vibes.   

Mamin made his label debut in 2015 with the jacking and subtly built techno jam “Cutting” (Mistress 5.1, a.k.a The Blonde). While initially working with vinyl samples to create his own groove, the Moscow-based artist also started using old telephones as well as sine wave oscillators. Two of these tracks—”Silent Prayer” and “Dunning Kruger Effect”—made the cut for DVS1’s Fabric 96 mix, and will finally get proper release through Mistress 11 and Mistress 11.5.

Mistress is the sub-label of DVS1’s Hush label. While Hush is focused on deep and purist techno, Mistress represents sounds that touch all corners of the dancefloor and beyond.

Tracklisting, Mistress 11

A1. Dispersed  

A2. Regret  

B1. Silent Prayer 

B2. Soul Department  

DX. Speed (Digital Bonus) 

Tracklisting, Mistress 11.5  

A1. Stay 

A2. Hexaprison 

B1. Plan Z  

B2. Dunning Kruger Effect  

DX. Speed (Digital Bonus)  

Mistress 11 and Mistress 11.5 will both land on March 1.