After becoming the subject of a new mini-documentary just yesterday, today brings more news from Minneapolis techno don Zak Khutoretsky (a.k.a. DVS1), who has announced that his Mistress label will release a trilogy of EPs later this month.

The three 12″s will all have the same catalogue number (Mistress05), and will be titled Mistress 5.1 (The Blonde), Mistress 5.2 (The Brunette), and Mistress 5.3 (The Redhead). Each will take shape as a compilation EP, with The Blonde featuring cuts from Jonas Friedlich, ASOK, Nicson & An Gelo and Kirill Mamin, The Brunette gathering tracks from Ombossa, Jerome Baker, Juxta Position and Discrete Circuit, and The Redhead featuring work by Nutype, Mike Gervais, Opinion and A&S. The full trilogy of EPS will see its official release on February 24 via Mistress; each record’s full tracklist has been included below.

Mistress 5.1 (The Blonde)
A1. Jonas Friedlich – Thuesdub
A2. ASOK – Purple Saturn Day
B1. Nicson & An Gelo – Freek
B2. Kirill Mamin – Cutting

Mistress 5.2 (The Brunette)
C1. Ombossa – Bonish Thuggish
C2. Jerome Baker – Track 20
D1. Juxta Position – World Domination
D2. Discrete Circuit – Incursion

Mistress 5.3 (The Redhead)
E1. Nutype – Noisy Ride
E2. Mike Gervais – Grind
F1. Opinion – Autobahnkirche
F2. A&S – Xenix