Let no one tell you differently–both Too $hort and E-40 were total band-geeks. During their time at Vallejo, California’s Hogan High, both of the East Bay rap legends were proud members of the band. 40 was pissed when someone vandalized the school over a year ago, mutilating a majority of the champion-band’s equipment.

On April 11, the Hogan High drum line performed for a packed room of alumni and students and E-40 presented the band with a $12,000 check for the school’s losses.

E-40 states:

“If I didn’t have my start in the drum line, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Music is real for me. I want people to know that it’s cool to be in the band because there is a shortage of musicians nowadays. Music stimulates the mind, and it’s therapeutic and healing. People need to realize the importance of music programs in public schools–I played in the band growing up, Too $hort played, and Dallas Austin did too.”

Though the East Bay isn’t always associated with humanitarian efforts and a lack of violence, 40’s act displays the communal spirit that’s still found in the area.