Artist, producer, and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin has shared “Trespasses,” the second single from IRISIRI, her forthcoming album as Eartheater

The three-movement piece is informed by her classical background and incorporates juxtaposing elements of complex shifting harmonic choral chords with a host of contrasted squelching and stuttering synth characters. Establishing an ambiguous atmosphere that falls somewhere between intuition and anxiety, the song builds to a crescendo of distortion, ominous pulses, and far off wails. 

IRISIRI is Eartheater’s third full-length record, following two albums on Hausu Mountain. 

Eartheater also recently shared the single “C.L.I.T.”


01. Peripheral

02. Inclined

03. Not Worried

04. Inkling

05. MTTM

06. Inhale Baby (ft. Odwalla1221)

07. Curtains

08. Slyly Child

09. Switch

10. Trespasses

11. MMXXX (ft. Moor Mother)

12. C.L.I.T.

13. OS In Vitro

IRISIRI is scheduled for June 8 release via PAN!, with “C.L.I.T.” and “Trespasses” streaming in full below.