Though Marijke Jorritsma and Greg Zifcak, collectively known as Eats Tapes, make music recognizable to the experimental music scene, the result of the San Francisco-based duo’s experiments is unique and incapable of being repeated. Utilizing anything from reprogrammed drum machines to a MIDI-controlled Nintendo, Eats Tapes has one goal: to make energetic techno that crosses boundaries while having fun. Think of it as a bad science experiment with great results.

Dos Mutantes, their new record out March 19 on Tigerbeat6, sees Jorritsma and Zifcak following their path of trajectory, which means fusing not only techno elements, but also psychedelic din and art-rock. One minute they’re shredding faces with 8-bit noise, and the next minute they’re pushing you into layers of molten lava feedback. And while Eats Tapes is a personal project between a couple that’s serious about having fun, everyone can use a little company. Nate Boyce (Matmos) joins them on “I’ve Become Cretin,” and the cover is a wrap-around six-panel digipak designed by Providence-based artist Mat Brinkman.

1. No Part Name
2. NOS
3. Face Shredder
4. Lemon Drop
5. Band Practice
6. Full Blast
7. I’ve Become Cretin
8. Tenderizer
9. Hotel California
10. Wolf Blitzer