PTP (f.k.a Purple Tape Pedigree) will present the debut album by Eaves, entitled Verloren, set for release on December 2.

With the combination of his academic history in architecture and long-time interest in the internet both being inextricable from his music-making, this album sees the Brooklyn-based producer placing a lens to the relationship we have with digital environments. Using last year’s “GORILLA” as a blueprint, Verloren—meaning “lost” in German—is said to examine our role as a detached audience on a macro level.

The album has quite the apocalyptic feeling to it; dystopian and fictional representations of our future—and how are present day seems to mimic them—are mentioned as an inspiration.


01. New Babylon
02. Vascular
03. Exegesis
04. Moor
05. Dragliner
06. Burial Moth
07. Mare
08. Agafia
09. Wound
10. Crop Ruin
11. Linthen Heap
12. Sin
13. Seas 2
14. Roraima
15. Manual Children
16. Edgelands

Verloren LP is scheduled for December 2 release.