Echologist and TM404 (a.k.a Brendon Moeller and Andreas Tilliander) have teamed up for Kynant Records‘ 14th release, Telomic Ghost.

The 10-track album is described the “natural peak” of the duo’s transatlantic collaboration. Since their first release together in 2017, Bass Desires, Tilliander and Moeller have explored their subaquatic, techno sound on a further EP, Infiltrated, and now this album broadens the scope with ambient cuts, slo-mo acid, and dubbed-out house.

Both Tilliander and Moeller have renowned discographies of hazy electronics, under a number of aliases and with numerous collaborators. Their records as TM404 & Echologist have struck on a powerful synergy, pairing the glitchy, Roland-indebted sound of TM404 with Moeller’s dub-wise headspace and striking sound design.


A1. Divided We Fall
A2. High Plains Drifter
A3. Cap It
B1. Ground Clouds
B2. Evidence
C1. Vintage
C2. Sword Of Damocles
D1. Flutter
D2. Dozo
D3. Tincture

Telomic Ghost LP is out on vinyl on November 15, with previews below.