Eddie C will release a new EP on Mule Musiq‘s Endless Flight label, titled Auf der Ufer.

The Berlin-based Canadian has become something of an Endless Flight regular; last year he released his third LP on the imprint, all of which accompany a catalog of EPs, too.

His latest EP consists of three new tracks and “Auf der Ufer,” a track he did with his Norwegian buddy Rune Lindbæk, that has not yet been released on vinyl.

According to the label, the three other tracks cross “different territories.” The eight-minute “Pumapunku” marries Balearic flair with otherworldly synth-spheres, while “Inner Piece” opens the house box with waving bass lines, furious chords, and some unexpected breaks. Finally, “Lonely Without You” is “a funky blue tune.”


A1. Auf der Ufer feat. Rune Lindbæk
A2. Pumapunku
B1. Inner Piece
B2. Lonely Without You

Auf der Ufer EP is scheduled for July 21 release with clips available below.