The inconvenience of having his laptop stolen then recovered hasn’t appeared to delay edIT‘s musical output. The L.A.-based producer and Glitch Mobber has just dropped another single, a sequel to Dabrye’s “Game Over” track that’s simply titled “The Game Is Not Over.”

This marks the third release for edIT’s Glitch Mob Unlimited label, and the track features, naturally, Dabrye, along with Detroit veteran Phat Kat and the late J Dilla, for whom the track is a tribute.

“I’m grateful to Sam Valenti IV from Ghostly and Dabrye for giving their blessing to make this track happen,” says edIT. Fans will be equally grateful upon getting a copy of the release, which is out now at iTunes and comes packaged with a banging b-side, “More Lazers.”

“The Game is Not Over
A The Game is Not Over
B More Lazers

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Photo By Barbara Talia.