Editions Mego has announced new albums from Finlay Shakespeare and Ewa Justka.

Solemnities, Shakespeare’s second album for the Austrian label, comes a year after Domestic Economy. It’s more gritty than his previous outings as he grasps a more raucous industrial edge to his electronic pop leanings.

“Covering a wide range of emotional states, from anger to euphoria, this is a wild complex dip into one man’s world perfectly crafted into an external release,” the label explains.

Ewa Justka is a Polish-born noise artist and self-taught instrument builder. Upside Down Smile is her third album and her first on Editions Mego. She made it “in the depth” of thoughts of “imitation in synthesiser design and filters and VCOS and formants and acid and hardcore music and twin-T filters and operations amplifiers” while at the Edinburgh College of Art, where she’s studying for a pHD.

Solemnities and Upside Down Smile are following Jasmine Guffond and Electric Indigo albums due out via Editions Mego on March 6 and March 13 respectively. They will both land on vinyl and digitally on April 24. You can preorder here and here, and stream the album openers below.

Tracklisting, Solemnities LP

A1 / 1. Occupation
A2 / 2. Fortune
A3 / 3. The Information
A4 / 4. Second Try
B1 / 5. Crisis
B2 / 6. Fantasy
B3 / 7. She Says Nothing Ends

Tracklisting, Upside Down Smile

A1 / 01. Mindless Cycles
A2 / 02. Problems With Limits
A3 / 03. Scralatti’s Saw
A4 / 04. Something Alive But Unevolvable
B1 / 05. Hello? Stella? Artois..? Artaud?
B2 / 06. The House Covered In Grape Leaves
B3 / 07. We Tend To Underestimate The Forces That Distort Our Imagination
08. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (digital & download card only)
09. As Simple As This (digital & download card only)
10. Slippery Slide (digital & download card only)