Photo | Cristina Marx

Editions Mego will release Vanish, the new album from Julia Reidy.

Reidy, from Sydney, Australia but based in Berlin, Germany, writes and performs original music using guitars and synthesized and recorded sound. Vanish is her first appearance on Editions Mego, and it completes a trio of releases that started with last year’s Brace, Brace and In Real Life, out via Slip. She’s also released on A Guide To Saints, Room40′s magnetic tape label.

We’re told that “the delicious unease, the anxious burning” of the preceding volumes has settled, becoming “more wide-eyed and resolute.” For all its poise, the album’s sense of build—electric licks rasping into glistening synths, punctured by distant kicks—feels freshest.

Across the album, Reidy’s music “sweeps you up,” the label says, and her guitar and vocal lines are mapped to the natural ebb-and-flow of breath and thought, lulling you as they “push through vast and secret spaces.”

The release is mixed and mastered by Joe Talia at Holding Pattern, Berlin.

Artwork comes from Suze Whaites, with layout by Nik Void.


01. Clairvoyant (18:22)
02. Oh Boy (15:18)

Vanish LP will be released by Editions Mego on October 16. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream “Clairvoyant” below.