After more than three years of silence as a producer, Efdemin (a.k.a Phillip Sollmann) is set to return with a new CD-mix that merges the album format with the “continuous DJ mix,” presenting completely new material in a seamless manner.

This CD-mix, named Naïf, officially reinstates his label of the same name and is described as “a sprawling tour of inner space” featuring 19 distinct tracks from fellow producers (e.g. Margaret Dygas, Steve Bicknell, Jeroen Search, Pom Pom, Marco Shuttle, and Gunnar Haslam) along with an additional 10 that feature Efdemin himself (either as soloist or collaborator).

All this completely unreleased and never-before-heard material from both himself and these collaborators will eventually manifest as EP releases: two will be available on Curle, with an additional five on his own Naïf label.

The release took an entire year to complete, and the result is that the album “flows with an almost paradoxical effortlessness from one style to the next,” a conscious choice on Efdemin’s part to give this release a longevity well beyond the typical lifespan of genre-specific DJ mixes.

Vinyl tracklisting

Efdemin Move Your Head EP (CURLE061)

A1. Efdemin “Move Your Head”
A2. Efdemin “Palindrome”
B1. Efdemin “Sirius”
B2. Efdemin “Love”


A1. tobias. “Keep Me Insane”
A2. Aubrey/Simone Gatto “Groove 1996”
B1. Sollmann/Gürtler “Watte” (Efdemin Version)
B2. WaWuWe “Beams”


A1. Steve Bicknell “Running Man”
A2. Phillip Sollmann “Aliasing Bells”
B1. Kuf “Untitled”
B2. Autolyse “Tag Drei”


A1. Nihad Tule “Lean Forward”
A2. Rhyw “Not Now, Not Yet”
B1. Marco Shuttle “Onda Anomala”
B2. Efdemin / Konrad Sprenger “Laveline”


A1. Jeroen Search “Modus Luminatione”
A2. Pom Pom “Untitled”
B1. Savas Pascalidis “1Q84”
B2. Pharaoh “Donald”


A1. Gunnar Haslam “Neuromantic”
A2. Patrik Skoog “Drake Equation”
B1. Inland “Sherpa”
B2. Cassegrain “Future D’Argent”


A1. Jinge “Kation”
A2. Staffan Linzatti “Gas”
B1. Margaret Dygas “Fony”
B2. DIN “Glide”

CD Tracklisting

01. Autolyse “Tag Drei”
02. Phillip Sollmann “Aliasing Bells”
03. Sollmann / Gürtler “Watte” (Efdemin Version)
04. WaWuWe “Beams”
05. Efdemin “Sirius”
06. Marco Shuttle “Onda Anomala”
07. Jeroen Search “Modus Luminatione”
08. Kuf “Untitled”
09. Staffan Linzatti “Gas”
10. Cassegrain “Future D’Argent”
11. DIN “Glide”
12. Pharaoh “Donald”
13. Pom Pom “Untitled”
14. Efdemin / Konrad Sprenger “Laveline”
15. Margaret Dygas “Fony”
16. Rhyw “Not Now, Not Yet”
17. Gunnar Haslam “Neuromantic”
18. Savas Pascalidis “1Q84”
19. Patrik Skoog “Drake Equation”
20. Inland “Sherpa”
21. Jinge “Kation”
22. tobias. “Keep Me Insane”
23. Nihad Tule “Lean Forward”
24. Steve Bicknell “Running Man”
25. Efdemin “Move Your Head”
26. DIN “Akustikkoppler”
27. Efdemin “Palindrome”
28. Aubrey / Simone Gatto “Groove 1996”
29. Efdemin “Love”

Naïf will land on April 13, via CD and digital dowmloads. All tracks will also be released on vinyl: two EPs on Curle Recordings; five EPs on Naïf.