Múm is so 2003. 2007 is all about the acoustic-by-way-of-electronic minimalists Efterklang. It’s been six years since the Copenhagen-based quintet (actually, sextet, if one includes its resident filmmaker) formed, and each successive release since their debut, Tripper, finds the moody post-rockers blossoming further.

For Under Giant Trees, the band’s third release on Leaf, Efterklang meanders through muted percussion, soft horns, glittering chimes, and those heart-warming strings with seamless ease, much in the style of Explosions in the Sky or Sigur Rós. Under Giant Trees is full of songs that the band calls “trees we have planted, watered, and nursed.”

This well-nurtured mini-album (or EP, if you will) is limited to 4500 CD copies and a mere 1200 white vinyl copies. As a consolation though, the band has announced it will release a proper full-length album this fall, to include new tracks as well as those from Under Giant Trees.

Under Giant Trees is out May 9, 2007 on Leaf

1. Falling Horses
2. Himmelbjerget
3. Hands Playing Butterfly
4. Towards Bare Hill
5. Jojo