Multi-faceted Toronto producer Egyptrixx has certainly kept himself busy in the years following the release of 2011’s highly rewarding Bible Eyes LP, starting his side project Hiawatha, delivering fresh mixes, and even dropping the odd short-format release or one-off tune. However, the artist born David Psutka is finally ready to follow up his debut album with another full-length for trusty UK outpost Night Slugs. A/B til Infinity is currently slated for release sometime in November, though we have little other information regarding the record outside of its tracklist, which is included below. But Egyptrixx did share a brand-new DJ set with his announcement, a 14-track mix described as a “scrapbook of ideas” which influenced the artist’s upcoming sophomore album. Psutka’s NSMIX004 can be streamed below, where its tracklist can also be found.

1. Ax//s (intro)
2. A/B til Infinity
3. Alta Civilization
4. Bad Boy (reduced)
5. Adult
6. Disorbital
7. Water
8. My Life is Vivid, My Eyes are Open
9. A.C.R.R.

01 – Eliane Radigue – Kyema [Experimental Intermedia Foundation]
02 – Wolf Eyes – Untitled III [Hanson]
03 – Hysterics – Code Switch (Club Mix) [NSCC]
04 – Egyptrixx – Water [Night Slugs]
05 – Planetary Assault System – Flat Tire [Mote Evolver]
06 – Jeremy Greenspan + Borys – Saint Hood [Jialong]
07 – Bleak – Ekko [Deeply Rooted House]
08 – Boner M – Poke [Pennyroyal]
09 – Tommy Four Seven – Monix [Strobscopic Artifacts]
10 – Headless Horsemen – Graveyard (Perc Remix) [HH]
11 – Barker + Baumecker – Murder of Crows Part 2 [Ostgut Ton]
12 – Rest.wav
13 – Moin – Elsie [Blackest Ever Black]
14 – Egyptrixx – Adult [Night Slugs]