David Psutka (aka Egyptrixx) has a new album coming out under the Ceramic TL alias titled: Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border. This marks the second release for Psutka on his own label, preceding the Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] LP released earlier last year. His latest Ceramic TL album project will also land via his own Halocline Trance imprint on March 15.

In addition to this, the artist has announced the launch of “Halocline Trance with Egyptrixx,” a new NTS radio show starting on January 12.

Check out the Sign of the Cross Mile to the Border‘s tracklisting, or listen to a track from the upcoming full-length on the player, below.

1. I Attached To And Pored Over Photos Of Places I Loved That Were Reduced To Ash
2. Sign Of The Cross Every Mile To The Border
3. Life On Earth
4. I Often Wondered How The Group Would React When Eco-Apocalypse Finally Struck
5. This Looks Just Like It, The Answer To My Prayers – I Thought My Life Was Over Until Two Years Later I Arrived
6. Our Leverage Is Weak There Are Things We Can Do
7. Clearing

Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border is due out on cassette and digital download via Halucline Trance, March 15, 2016.