Canadian producer David Psutka has today announced the launch of a new label, Halocline Trance, for which his third album as Egyptrixx will serve as the inaugural release. Psutka has founded the imprint as “a vessel for his music, visual, and collaborative projects,” which—beyond Egyptrixx—has included efforts such as Hiawatha and Anamai in the past.

Following Psutka’s two previous full-length outings for the Night Slugs label, the third album from Egyprtixx, Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power], will officially inaugurate Halocline Trance in early 2015. Similarly to his 2013 A/B til Infinity LP, Psutka’s upcoming record will also incorporate the visual and video-design talents of Berlin-based artist ANF. Though no artwork, tracklist, or exact release date for Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] have been shared as of yet, a press release summarizes Egyptrixx’s upcoming album as “Metallic clangs, new age invocations, digital drones, slabs of sound—the slow motion rainstorm of material, frequency shrapnel.”