November 4, 2004 was a special day for Berlin. It’s not because of a random techno party that turned out several thousand patrons. Nor was it a monumental historical holiday. It was the day that Blixa Bargeld’s Einstürzende Neubauten, along with an accompanying 100-person choir, stormed the dilapidated Palast Der Republik (the former Parliament building of the now-defunct DDR) for what might be called the performance of the century. The concert has now evolved into Palast Der Republik: the DVD. God, yes.

Einstürzende Neubauten is beyond infamous for its standout live performances. Utilizing obscured vocal keys and instruments from all over the map (gongs, glockenspiels, and chimes), the band’s rare live performances are more like a mature, less drunken orgy of ancient Rome. And Palast is no exception.

Alongside the choir-as-army, Neubauten utilized the draping steel and oddly molded tubing of the Palast Der Republik as instruments, incorporating the surroundings so that those at home also feel immersed in the experience.

The DVD also comes with full commentary from the band, as well as unreleased audio tracks. Given the band’s German roots and passion for yielding new and gargantuan sounds from any and all sources, Palast may be the best visual insight into this incessantly evolving, iconoclastic band.

Palast Der Republik is available now on MVD Entertainment.

1. Haus Der Luege
2. Armenia
3. Weilweilweil
4. Youme & Meyou
5. Perpetuum Mobile
6. Dead Friends (Around the Corner)
7. Grundstueck
8. GS:1
9. GS:2
10. Unseasonable Weather
11. GS:3
12. Vox Populi
13. Was Ist Ist
14. Ein leichtes leises Saeuseln
15. Sabrina, Alles

Encore Performence Tracks
1. Die Befindlichkeit des Landes
2. Redukt