Eitan Reiter has released a new album, Give It Life, on Guy J’s Armadillo Records.

The Israeli producer started making music since the early ’90s and has never stopped exploring since. Under his birth name, he puts out techno on labels like Minus, Traum, and Praxxiz, and has released an album on Mule Musiq with Sebastian Mullaert, as well as solo effort Place I Miss That I Haven’t Been To released on Aleph Zero in 2010. As such, he produces everything from minimal to psychedelic chill out to downtempo, also works as part of groups like Loud, and makes music for film and TV.

We’re told that his latest album “brings techno together with dark avant-pop, proper songwriting, and inventive studio trickery.” It was made partly on the road between gigs around the globe, as well as in four different studios and various other places like a farm in South Africa, a bench in New York, or just a hotel room in Tokyo or Mexico. It also features a number of collaborations, singers, and instrumentalists, and even finds Reiter himself sing and play guitar.


01. Choices
02. All That I know
03. Fade Away
04. Give It Life
05. Other Kind Of Illusion
06. Ever
07. Avoid
08. Loop For The Day
09. Let It Out
10. The Black White Red
11. You Are (The One)

Give It Life is out now, with “Fade Away” streaming in full above.