An imprint which received an honorable mention in our top labels of 2014 list earlier today, Berceuse Heroique has revealed one of its forthcoming releases for 2015, a 12″ from Dutch techno artist Ekman. Having delivered Berceuse Heroique’s inaugural outing back in 2013 (and issued two more records through the label this year), Ekman will return to the fold with the gritty “GMMDI,” a track whose initials—as Juno Plus reports—in fact stand for “Gizmo Made Me Do It,” in reference to the “persistent nature” of Berceuse Heroique’s founder. Furthermore, the 12″ will come backed with a remix of “GMMDI” from Breaker 1 2, a producer who has appeared on the label in the past.

Set to see a release in February of next year, Ekman’s forthcoming 12″ for Berceuse Heroique can be streamed in full below.