Editions Mego will release the new album from Electric Indigo, real name Susanne Kirchmayr, who debuts on the label.

Ferrum is Kirchmayr’s second album as Electric Indigo in more than 30 years of activity, following 5 1 1 5 9 3, out via Robert Henke‚Äôs Imbalance Computer Music in 2017. It takes a close look at the spectral richness of iron and other metals in various shapes and sizes.

Across seven tracks, we’re told to expect a “large-scale exploration of inharmonic timbres,” oscillating between brutal grinding textures and intricate percussive singularities, all created by digitally transforming recordings of metallic objects.

Some of the results are an obvious nod to Kirchmayr’s Electric Indigo DJ alias, music that could be played on the dancefloor, but others offer almost steady-state like meditative qualities, “vibrations from deep within, on a sub atomic level, full of light and motion on the tiniest possible scale,” the label explains.

Kirchmayr began to work with music in 1989 in Vienna, Austria and then Berlin in the early ’90s, playing at the best parties of the early days like E-Werk, Tresor, Ultraschall, and Flex. In 1998, she founded Female:Pressure, an international platform for female, transgender, and non-binary DJs, producers, and artists involved in electronic music and digital arts.


01. Ferrum 1_2
02. Ferrum 3
03. Ferrum 4
04. Ferrum 5
05. Ferrum 6
06. Ferrum 7
07. Ferrum 8

Ferrum LP is out March 13 on Editions Mego. Meanwhile, you can stream “Ferrum 3” below, and pre-order here.