Electroacoustic experimental composer Lionel Marchetti has released Jeu du monde, a six-CD boxset on French label Sonoris

The extensive collection marks Marchetti’s 25th-anniversary releasing music by bringing together 28 compositions of exploratory musique concrète. Each CD has been designed as an audiofilm, including titles for each major entry and a boldly different sonic environment across each disc. Included are previously out-of-print works, new interpolations of songs available digitally, and unreleased compositions, recorded between 1991 and 2018. 

A vast array of instrumentation is included across the six+ hours of music, including synthesizers, analog/digital manipulation, percussion, low fidelity samplers, radios, Revox, vocals, prepared piano, and field recordings. Some compositions were co-written with Yôko Higashi and Olivier Capparos, and there are features from Seijiro Murayama, Sébastien Églème, Isabelle Duthoit, and Patrick Charbonnier.

The set also includes a 32-page booklet illustrated by Adèle Marchetti, with text additions in French by Denis Boyer, Régis Poulet, Frédéric Neyrat, and Yann Leblanc.


Inferno (Disc 1)

01. Psychopompos (piège à fantômes)

02. Nuit, insectes, orage…

03. Near death experience

04.  Inferno

Le temps qui est là (Disc 2)

01. Mohave desert

02. Une série de reflets

03. Vent et racines…

04. Hr osiris 7c

05. Time is time…

Le cerveau (Disc 3)

01. Pétrole 42

02. Proteus

03. Le cerveau

04. L’infini

05. L’incendie

Natura Morta (Disc 4)

01. Psalmus (omnis spiritus laudet dominum)

02. Natura morta

03. La jetée…

04. A short story

Éole (vents solaires et nuit du sujet) (Disc 5)

01. TSF radio study

02. Labyrinthe, serpent…

03. 11 Têtes…

04. Space abstraction

05. Éole (vents solaires)

Océan (de la fertilité) (Disc 6)

01. Penombra

02. Surface, support

03. Contact

04. Brouillard électromagnétique

05. Océan (de la fertilité)

Jeu du monde is out now via Sonoris, with “L’infini” from the third disc streaming below.