Elektron Music Machines, the Sweden-based analog synthesizer manufacturer, has just announced a public beta test of its latest communication software, Overbridge.

With Overbridge, you can discover a new way to integrate your DAW software setup with real analog instruments. You can combine the practicality of your music studio software with the powerful sound design capabilities of your Elektron Analog instrument. The software allows you to design sounds on-screen using an intuitive and dedicated plug-in, or use the knobs and keys on your Analog instrument. Overbridge uses the strengths of the Elektron sequencer, and your software sequencer, to get the best of both worlds.

The public beta testing is well underway, with several thousand pioneers exploring every nook and cranny of the Overbridge suite. It is not 1.0 complete just yet, but well within view. With the Analog Rytm plugin, you will unlock the next level.

The following content is presently available with the Public Beta release, Overbridge 0.9

  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB cable
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four / Keys plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW
  • Mac and Windows support

The following content will be available with the official 1.0 release of Overbridge

  • Analog Rytm plugin
  • AU plugin format
  • Sequencing via Elektron sequencer synced to DAW
  • Sound / sample browsing
  • Multiple Elektron units support

The power, promise, and potency of this new technology is already evident. You can visit the Elektron website to sign up for the beta test, and you can see the new Analog Rytm plugin in action here.