There has plenty of talk about a grime “revival” during the past year or so, but London duo Elijah & Skilliam began breathing life back into the genre well before it became fashionable again. Between their Butterz label and much-loved show on Rinse FM, the pair built its name by championing a neon-streaked, raved-up variant of grime. Given that the two have now been enlisted to put together the next edition of the long-running Fabriclive mix series, it’s fair to say that their efforts have taken root. Fabriclive 75 is scheduled for release on May 19, and is described as “something that is current, but not necessarily based on the big tracks of recent times.” Looking over the tracklist, it’s certainly a diverse effort, which is likely why Fabric also notes that, “with less than a third of the tracks at the typical 140bpm grime tempo, the mix showcases just how wide [Elijah & Skilliam’s] sets can go without diluting their identity and their sound.” Even the artists themselves recognize that the mix is something a bit different than people might expect, saying, “The mix doesn’t necessarily represent how we would play in the club, but it does feature many of the people that you would hear and see playing at a Butterz night at Fabric.” The Fabriclive 75 artwork and complete tracklist are below.

01. Royal-T – Intro [Butterz]
02. Four Tet & Terror Danjah – Killer [Text]
03. Terror Danjah & Champion – Stone Island [Hyperdub]
04. Flava D – Hold On VIP 3 [Butterz]
05. Lil Silva – Venture [LS Whites]
06. D Double E – Sickman (VIP) Dubplate [Butterz]
07. Royal-T & Champion – Mufasa [unreleased]
08. Swindle – Good Stay Bad [unreleased]
09. Royal-T – I Know You Want Me [Rinse]
10. P Money – Roll Call [Rinse]
11. Kowton – H-Street (138 Mix) [Pale Fire]
12. Preditah feat. JME – Jack Up The Tune [Whoa]
13. Darq E Freaker – 666 Sauna [unreleased]
14. P Jam – Disturbed 2.0 [Butterz]
15. Murlo – Into Mist [unreleased]
16. Footsie – Hit Him (Butterz Dubplate) [Braindead]
17. JME – Integrity [Boy Better Know]
18. 040 – Let It Be Known [Butterz / Kapsize]
19. Swindle & Silkie – Twinkle [Swindle Productions]
20. Wiley feat. Andreena Mill – Born In The Cold [Big Dada]
21. Kelela – Keep It Cool [Fade To Mind]
22. DJ Q – Two Faced [Local Action]
23. Sir Spyro feat. JME & Alahna – Pull It Up [Dragon Punch]
24. Flava D – Home VIP (Moony Remix) [Butterz]
25. Swindle – Outro [Swindle Productions]