As many artists do, Eliot Lipp has now reached a point in his career where he’s ready to dabble in the business of releasing music, and has thusly stepped away from his analog gear arsenal to start Old Tacoma Records, which, despite its name, is a brand-new label operating out of Lipp’s current homebase in New York.

For the first in a series of compilations the label is releasing, Lipp has compiled tracks from five different artists, as well as thrown a couple of his own in, for Way Pavers Vol. 1. The comp features productions from mostly Tacoma-based artists, each unveiling his own beat style. Which is to say, everything from 4/4 house to instrumental hip-hop to disco shows up here.

As far as his own work is concerned, Lipp spotlights a different side of his musical abilities here, with two tracks that shy away from his trademark wobbly hip-hop, focusing instead on a more abstract style of composition.

Way Payers Vol 1will be out digitally on October 7.

01 Alex Anderson “Regal Dream”
02 Alex Anderson “Devils”
03 Jasia 10 “Mindblowin
04 Jasia 10 “Homework”
05 Leo 123 “Silvo”
06 Leo 123 “Maxine”
07 Zachary Marvick “The Police”
08 Zachary Marvick “Keep It”
09 Eliot Lipp “Space Storm”
10 Eliot Lipp “Space Storm”
11 John Robets “Left Mine Left”
12 John Roberts “Bodywork”