With his sophomore full-length, Tacoma Mockingbird, Eliot Lipp suddenly found himself on the radar of numerous fans, journalists, and booking agents, and 2006 became a very busy year. Choosing to stay with the same synth-funk instrumental hip-hop from that release for his latest project, Lipp presents ten songs that serve as a kind of companion to Tacoma Mockingbird.

Steele Street Scraps, though is anything but scraps. Rather, it’s work that surfaced during the recording of Tacoma Mockingbird, with a few brand new tracks and some remixes thrown in for good measure. Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, it’s a nice way to tide his audience over until the release of his next full-length, due out in 2007.

Steele Street Scraps is out October 2006 on Hefty.


1. Illa Than (Earmint Mix)

2. Flashlight

3. The Intro

4. Gangsta Shit

5. Tic Tac (John Hughes Remix)

6. Next Break

7. Glasspipe (Victor Bermon Remix)

8. Choosey

9. Moog

10. Harmonix