Taking inspiration from their time spent on the road together and from their own respective production work, BPitch control owner Ellen Allien and Detroit techno leader Matthew Dear, posing here as his moniker Audion, have teamed up for a new 12″ entitled Just a Man/Woman.

The track ordering is somewhat predictable here, though very fitting for the content. Audion’s “Just a Man,” which appeared on the Fabric 27 mix, opens things, and is immediately followed by his remix of Allien’s “Just a Woman.” Allien then steps in with a remix of Audion’s “Just a Man” and finally with the original version of “Just a Woman,” ensuring a symmetrical and appropriate close to the 12″.

Both artists will be touring this summer, so stay on the watch for those dates, coming soon.

Just a Man/Woman is out July 25 on Spectral Sound.