Those not in close proximity to Berlin must generally satiate their appetites for Ellen Allien’s DJ sets via her sporadic North American appearances (which generally pack venues room-to-room). Fortunately, the BPitch Control label boss is next in line to tackle London’s esteemed Fabric series, in which she’ll deliver a healthy dose of techno and dance music to fans worldwide.

The types of emotional, arpeggiated melodies and sounds Allien works with often seem to allude to and reminisce over rave (see Meinrad Jungblut’s “Sonnendeck,” on Flieg Mit Ellen Allien and Artificial Latvamäki’s “It is Not Now Either,” from this latest mix), not only in the context of the “new rave” movement, but also in the larger questions surrounding the genre: its place historically, what it meant 15 years ago, and what it means now. Allien continually shows, via her music choices, that the disconnect between dance music now and then isn’t as big as it may seem, and this ability to show the connecting threads between these eras is what makes her a fantastic DJ.

Fabric 34 is out June 26, 2007 on Fabric Records.

1. Schubert “S1”
2. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White “The Sun Can’t Compare”
3. Estroe “Driven”
4. Damian Schwartz “Tu Y Yo (Peros Nos Volvemos A Levantar) (Pilas Remix)”
5. Don Williams “Orderly Kaos”
6. Melody Boy 2000 “Sound Stealer”
7. Artificial Latvamaki “It Is Not Now Either”
8. Cobblestone Jazz “India In Me 2”
9. Roman Flugel “Mutter”
10. Aste/Maan “Aaltovaihe”
11. Thom Yorke “Harrowdown Hill”
12. Ellen Allien “Just A Woman”
13. Ben Klock “Journey”
14. Heatthrob “Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)”
15. Apparat “Arcadia”