BPitch control boss Ellen Allien, one of undisputed leaders responsible for bringing German techno to the rest of the world, shares her take on the year’s best singles.

1. Thom Yorke Eraser XL
2. Shinadoe Different Faces 100 % Pure
3. Sascha Funke In Between Days BPC
4. Schubert Dont Believe The Cord Pop (A-Side) Statik
5. Kim Rapatti Monotone Fantastic Futuro
6. DJ Yellow Godness Ovum
7. Uffie Hot Chick Ed Banger
8. Loco Dice Seeing Through The Shadows Minus
9. Lawrence Along The Wire (Remix By Superpitcher) Dial
10. Ellen Allien + Apparat Way Out BPC


Ellen Allien: hard at work pondering the best tracks of 2006.