Ellen Allien will release a new album, titled Nost.

Nost, her seventh solo full-length to date, arrives more than three years after the release of her last album, LISm—which was an ambient record that was originally commissioned as a soundtrack to a contemporary dance piece. You have to look back even further for her last dancefloor LP, namely Dust, which landed in 2010.

According to BPitch Control, Allien’s label, Nost “comes from nostalgia,” and “is the quintessential sound of Berlin.” It has, the label continues, “a sensibility which can only be found in the depths of the city’s darkest underground clubs; brooding, sinister at times and utterly lascivious.”

Like in all of her albums, Allien’s voice is an essential part of the power that comes from the tracks. “She uses her vocals like an instrument through alienation in many different ways,” says the label.


01. Mind Journey
02. Innocence
03. Jack My Ass
04. Call Me
05. Electric Eye
06. Mma
07. Physical
08. Stormy Memories
09. Erdmond

Nost is scheduled for May 13 release via with snippets streamable below.