It’s a wonder that Ellen Allien has time to make records any longer, what with running BPitch Control, designing clothes for her fashion line, and constantly touring the world. But even with this frenetic pace of activity, Allien has taken only two years to finish her follow-up to 2008’s Sool. Dust promises to be as subtle as previous efforts, with more classical and pop influences weaving in and out of true club bangers, as is evidenced by tracks featuring glockenspiels and clarinets. Co-produced by the equally busy Tobias Freund, Dust will only help maintain Allien’s status as one of Berlin’s cultural queens.

Dust comes out May 17 on BPitch Control.


1. Our Utopie
2. Flashy Flashy
3. My Tree
4. Sun The Rain
5. Should We Go Home
6. Ever
7. You
8. Dream
9. Huibuh
10. Schlumi