Eluize has shared a new video for her recent XLR8R+ track, “EMDR.”

Released back in August on XLR8R+024 alongside tracks from AIDA and Slumber (├ľona Dahl and Amber Cox), “EMDR” revolves around a poem Eluize wrote for EMDR, a therapy she had for PTSD. Across the track, Eluize’s vocal lines rise and fall, creating a hallucinogenic atmosphere supported by winding acid lines and a heavy and distorted kick. It’s a cathartic experience custom-built for dancefloors and soundsystems.

Following up its initial release, Eluize enlisted Italian video artists Riccardo Franco-Loiri (a.k.a. Akasha) and Davide Fauro (a.k.a. Misphit Circuitry) to create the track’s visual component.

“The idea behind the video,” the duo explain, “comes from some experiences with EMDR that Akasha did.”

Using a mixture of digital and analog techniques based on “feedback and recursive displacement,” the duo aimed to visualize the “stream of memories that come into your head with this kind of therapeutic approach.” The result is an engrossing, dreamlike multi-sensory experience.

You can stream the video in full via the player below, with the track available on the 24th edition of XLR8R+.