Photo: Wylie Cable

Elusive is back with Dome of Doom for the release of Horizons, a 12-track album scheduled to drop worldwide later this month.

Horizons follows Elusive’s 2019 albums, Ambient Void on Alpha Pup Records and Bonsai Tree on Dome of Doom.

And it arrives in a similar vein sonically, which is to say the Los Angeles producer continues his exploration of experimental electronic music, Los Angeles beat culture, and modern forms of jazz. Features across the record include longtime collaborator Josh Koslow on trumpet, as well as seasoned Los Angeles session artists Ian Roller (saxophone) and Josh Howard (bass).

The album, recorded in April of this year, stems from Elusive’s most prolific stretch of music making since his career started over 20 years ago. When lockdown began, he began spending between six and eight hours a day working on a multitude of music projects. This is the first record out of that batch.

Elusive has been releasing records for over two decades, through several eras of Los Angeles’ music communities. His initial releases predate the modern Los Angeles beat scene, self-releasing his first beat tape, The Blackhole Within, in 1997. His first label release, titled Elements Of A Prototype, was released on Mary Joy Recordings in 2000, and he signed to Dome of Doom in 2016 with French Toasted.

Earlier this week, Dome of Doom announced Kenny Segal’s Kenstrumentals Vol. 4: a lot on my plate.


01. Vague Emotions (feat. Josh Howard & Ian Roller)
02. New Meaning
03. New Horizon
04. Mental Impression
05. Bright Horizons
06. Sentiments (feat. Josh Koslow)
07. Intuition (feat. Josh Koslow)
08. Broaden Your Horizons
09. Sick Sense
10. Computation
11. Impeccable Taste
12. Aura

Horizons LP is scheduled for October 9 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Vague Emotions” feat. Josh Howard and Ian Roller below, and pre-order the release here.