Photo: Edrina Martinez

Elusive will return to Dome of Doom with his new album, Bonsai Tree, scheduled to land on June 14. 

The 12-track release is the Los Angeles artist’s fifth LP on Dome of Doom, following 2018’s Planet Blue. It explores the same type of sonic terrain, a fusion of electronic, jazz, and neo-soul. 

It was recorded during November and December of 2018 at Elusive’s home studio in Venice, California, and features LA-based musicians Ian Roller (saxophone) and Gabe Steiner (trumpet). Elusive’s brother, Josh Koslow, also contributes. Elusive performed all keyboard, synth, bass, and drum parts, sequencing successive live takes over a multitude of layers.

We’re told that the album evidences Elusive’s growth as an artist and sees him reach new heights musically, having trained in music theory.

“The biggest influence and inspiration on my music has been the process of collaborating with the musicians I’ve been working with lately,” Elusive says. “Seeing the focus it takes to get good at an instrument and the excitement to create and make music that people feel and recognize as quality music. Also, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on music theory and using that to create songs that have melody and a flowing arrangement. I’ve really looked at making music in a different way the past few years. I totally give credit to the musicians I’ve been working with.”

Bonsai Tree will release with Dome of Doom on June 14 across cassette and digital formats. Album pre-order is available here, with opener “Juniper” streaming below. 


01. Juniper

02. LuvBeam featuring Ian Roller

03. New Vision

04. Contrast featuring Gabe Steiner

05. Bonsai Tree Interlude

06. Rose Mary

07. Soul Inspiration

08. Aesthetics

09. Thoughts And Pieces

10. No Fantasy

11. Feel Your Groove

12. Dream Segments