Photo credit: Lou Scamble

Elusive will release his new album through Alpha Pup’s World Galaxy Records sub-label.

Afterthoughts brings in an abundance of visionary Los Angeles artists remolding the landscape of the city’s music scene, including Nite Jewel, Jimetta Rose, and Stones Throw Records’ Kiefer. 18 features and 23 tracks deep, the album “traces” Elusive’s sound-imprint after joining the Alpha Pup Records roster and emerging into a plethora of movements across Los Angeles. Traces of recent LPs and EPs Textures, Headspace, Fusion Swing, Consonance, Dissonance, and Bonsai Tree are said to be “embedded into the core of the progressions.”

Elusive records the album over the last two years in various studios across Los Angeles. He utilized a vast archive of new ideas and works, building out harmonies and percussive elements with a specific template in mind that would leave space for these added contributions. The layering is amorphous and vast, and, unlike past works, pieces were stripped down and built back up multiple times, reconceiving the identity of each track through revamping major ideas, stretching beyond past limitations technically, and, most importantly to Elusive, finding the essence of each piece through collaboration—hence the album title.

Elusive mixed and mastered the record with Daddy Kev at the Cosmic Zoo this summer.

Tracklisting w/ credits

01. SpaceJam—Ian Roller (flute), Niels Broos (keys)
02. Midnight Tokes—Kiefer (keys), Josh Koslow (trumpet) Natasha Agrama (vocals)
03. Cosmological—Bubby Lewis (bass) Niels Broos, Ian Roller (saxophone)
04. Self Love—Mali Hayes (vocals), Ian Roller (saxophone), Matt Little (keys)
05. Kinetic—Josh Koslow (trumpet)
06. Afterthoughts—Jimetta Rose (vocals), Bubby Lewis (bass), Josh Koslow (trumpet)
07. Static Harmony—Jonah Levine (trombone) Ian Roller (saxophone)
08. The Wind Will Blow—Nite Jewel (vocals), Josh Koslow (trumpet)
09. Out Of This World—Bubby Lewis (bass)
10. Free Form—Josh Koslow (trumpet)
11. Take Flight—Bubby Lewis (bass), Josh Koslow (trumpet)
12. Divine—Deen Anbar (guitar)
13. Transcendent—Josh Koslow (trumpet)
14. Sun Shadows—Randal Fisher (saxophone)
15. Windchimes—Nikeita Crichlow (vocals), Bubby Lewis (bass), Gabe Steiner (trumpet)
16. Solar Dance—Ian Roller (flute/clarinet), Josh Koslow (trumpet)
17. Illusion—Olivia Hale (vocals), Josh Koslow (trumpet)
18. Earth Tones—Josh Koslow
19. Symmetry—Ian Roller, Emile Poree (guitar)
20. Quasar—Jonah Levine, Bubby Lewis
21. Time Crystal—Todd Simon (trumpet)
22. Patches—Ryan Porter (trombone), Bubby Lewis
23. Enigma—Bubby Lewis (bass)

Afterthoughts is out September 20, with “Self Love” streaming below, and pre-order HERE.