In case you forgot, you’ve still got four more days to enter our DROP THE LIME DROPS BY contest. Tell Luca “Drop the Lime” Venezia where you’d love to see him play, and he just may be dropping by to get crazy with you and nine friends in the months to come. Check out a few recent entries after the jump.

Dear Dreamy Luca,
Please play my apartment. No need for guestlist or drinks on the house. It’d be so easy. Greenpoint needs a Drop The Lime house party to happen! Plus I feel like we would be bff if we ever met. I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

Dear Luca–
1103, also known as “jimmy valentine’s lonely hearts club” is def one of the mellowest bar/club/afterhours spot in DC to party late and listen to good dance/electronic music in a very casual atmosphere. It’s been around a few years now, it’s relatively out of the way in north east DC on the edge of a sleepy but casual part of town called Trinidad—this bar has no signs, takes no credit cards, and there’s no hassle about the way you dress.

See all the contest entry details here, and make sure to enter by Friday, December 4th.