Fuse label head, Enzo Siragusa, will return to the imprint with his Parisian sparring partner Alexkid on November 16 with the Evolutions EP.

The split EP features the atmospheric, fathoms-deep sound the pair of producers, and the label, have made their signature. Held together with wall-shaking bass, Evolutions is another world-class outing and a logical progression from 2013’s club-destroying Killamanjaro, as Siragusa states: “We started the Kilimanjaro project together which was to making house inspired by our drum and bass pasts. This is an evolution of that. These are our own individual takes influenced by that sound.”

Evolutions is another notable notch in the belt for Fuse, which just finished its fifth year in Ibiza—featuring a three-date run at Space and an outdoor event at Benimussa Park. Evolutions will be released on vinyl on November 16, with digital following on December 14, with the tracklisting below.


A1. Enzo Siragusa – Desire
B2. Alexkid – Wear Your Cape