Injazero Records has released a new compilation with all proceeds going to mental health charity Mind.

The 12-track compilation features tracks from, among others, Throwing Snow’s side project Heathen Rites, Daisuke Tanabe, Sieren, Ambassadeurs, Heinali, Matt Emery, and Eomac. To give you a taste of what to expect, Injazero has shared a haunting cut from Eomac, which is made from a selection of recorded samples, as Eomac explains:

“I made this track from samples of a piano board I recorded in EMS Stockholm with LAIR while we were working on our project. And some microphone hiss for the beats. I have been making purely percussive tracks recently for my upcoming album, so for this track I wanted to have an emotive melodic element as well. The title refers to the difficulty it seems as a human to live as you truly want, as opposed to how you think you should.”

You can stream the track below, with the LP available here.