Arriving late next month, “Regis Chillbin” is the forthcoming new single by San Francisco producer Eprom. The two-track release, which features a remix from the insatiably prolific Machinedrum, proceeds the beatmaker’s new full-length, Metahuman. Amsterdam-based imprint Rwina will drop both records this year (expect the LP in late May/early June), but you can preview Eprom’s new single and check out his album’s artwork and tracklist before then, below.

A1 Honey Badger
A2 Metahuman
A3 Prototype
B1 Can Control
B2 Floating Palace
B3 Transparency
C1 Variations
C2 Love Number
C3 Sun Death
D1 The Golden Planet
D2 Needle Trasher
D3 Raytracin