Eric Copeland, who is perhaps best known for his work as part of Brooklyn-based experimental outfit Black Dice, has announced that he will debut on Ron Morelli’s sprawling L.I.E.S. imprint this fall. The American-born musician has written and produced scores of albums, singles, and remixes, including last year’s Joke in the Hole full-length for DFA, and his forthcoming LP, Logo My Ego (artwork above), reportedly continues a “tradition of experimental sonic derangement.” Billed as “pop music for the demented,” its five tracks are said to alternately evoke listening experiences akin to “eating ice cream off a city blacktop in August” or taking part in a “slow, dry-mouthed mule caravan trudging through the desert, looking for a oasis while hallucinating on DMT.” The five-track mini LP is set to arrive on September 15, and in the meantime, a-side cut “Uncle Sam’s Blues” can be streamed in full below, where a tracklist has also been included.

A1 Logo My Ego
A2 Uncle Sam’s Blues
B1 Trophy Nuts
B2 Beat Box
B3 Workin