Eric Copeland is set to return to DFA with a brand-new set of hyper and hectic left field club music, titled Goofballs.

Eric Copeland is a founding member of Black Dice as well as a prolific solo artist. Besides DFA, where he has already released two solo LPs, he has released albums on L.I.E.S., Post Present Medium, Paw Tracks.

Goofballs places its emphasis on playful melodies, ear worm hooks, and vocals mixed with trademark machine funk rhythms that hit hard and land off balance.

Eric explained the creation of this new LP via email from his home on an island in lovely Balearic Palma Spain:

“I made it here in Palma at my studio, this is the first full record I’ve made entirely here since moving. Some of this material was road tested in September 2016 on tour. This album was the result of real isolation here, countless hours, focused only on this. The whole recording and writing was a fast process. I focused most on the bass groove. I had a very minimal gear setup: ’90s drum machine, cheap bass machine, and a sampler. But most important was a homemade “drum brain” that Barry’s London custom made for me. That piece of gear was a big part of this record and informed the direction it took the most.”


01. Boogieman
02. Neckbone
03. Disco Ball
04. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
05. Mixer Shredder
06. Close Encounters
07. Smearjob
08. Doo Whatcha Wah Wah

Goofballs LP is scheduled for September 22 release, with “Neckbone” streaming in full below.