Eris Drew has unveiled her debut solo EP, Fluids of Emotion, out February 14 on Detroit label Interdimensional Transmissions.

Recorded at Drew’s parents’ home in Chicago and mixed in the Interdimensional Laboratories studio in Detroit, Fluids of Emotion comprises three tracks “meticulously mixed for the maximum impact of the Motherbeat.”

Interdimensional Transmissions asked Drew to write a release to reflect the power of transition and of fully becoming who you are, much like how she channels the psychedelic energies of rave and love in her sets. It began with “So Much Love to Give,” written months before she left for her first European tour.

“I hadn’t written a dance track in years but during a series of life-changing events in 2017 (e.g. Club Toilet in Detroit, Campout in Pennsylvania, and Tuf Till Dawn in Seattle) I would rush home from my sets, turn on my MPC 2000 XL, and sample records,” Drew recalls. “‘So Much Love to Give’ just spilled out of me. It was the first song I sent to BMG [founder of Interdimensional Transmissions] and Erika [Sherman of Interdimensional Transmissions] after they asked me (challenged me in fact!) to make a dance record for IT.”

“Fluids of Emotion” followed in the winter of 2018, and then in the summer she wrote “Transcendental Access Point” on a binge of magic mushrooms. “I took threshold doses of mushrooms every day or so over a two-week period during which I hung-out in nature and worked in my studio,” Drew adds.

We’re told to expect an EP exploring the intersections of house and breakbeat culture—”a proto-rave ecstasy music that exudes the Fluids of Emotion, higher consciousness, and the conceptual art of the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front).”

Drew has previously released “See You In Snow” on the 2019 Needs 006 compilation, as well as a split EP with Octo Octa, Devotion, on Lisbon label Naive in 2018.

“I can’t thank BMG and Erika enough for believing in me all these years and for working so hard to keep psychedelic dance culture alive….I am truly grateful for his patience, care and expertise in helping bring my music to life.” — Eris Drew


A1. Fluids of Emotion
A2. Transcendental Access Point
B1. So Much Love to Give

Fluids of Emotion EP is out February 14. Meanwhile, you pre-order here and stream clips below.