Orphx and Ancient Methods have their second EP as Eschaton coming out on Token in early May.

Orphx (the duo of Richard Oddie and Christina Sealey) have been making noisy techno jams for over two decades now—an act well suited to the work of German techno producer Michael Wollenhaupt (a.k.a. Ancient Methods). They first collaborated as Eschaton in 2014, and now return to Belgian imprint Token for their second record together. According to the label, it is a more varied release, that uses “their combined hard-edged industrial palette to produce a frighteningly convincing apocalyptic prophecy.”

Eschaton II is set for release on May 6. Stream snippets below.

A1 “Deus Irae”
A2 “Those Who Obey”
B1 “Answer My Prayer”
B2 “No Other Gods Before Me”